PUBG No Recoil APK

PUBG No Recoil APK

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PUBG No Recoil

Detail of PUBG No Recoil APK

Are you desperately looking for an injector that provides the zero recoil trick? Look no more, the latest PUBG No Recoil file is here. Recently, the PUBG Mobile game was updated, therefore, the old files became useless. Now, every player is on the lookout for the new recoil file for PUBG. Lucky for you, the player will get what they are looking for here on this webpage.

PUBG is undoubtedly a difficult game to play without assistance from third-party tools. It is no surprise that players struggle with setting sensitivity and improving aim. Similarly, it is not easy to come across quality PUBG tools that can assist you in winning big and eliminating enemies.

Ever since PUBG got an upgrade, older files stopped working. In the latest version, there is a surprise collaboration with nearly everyone’s favorite movie Spiderman: No Way Home. Like the new version of the game, this file also contains many match-winning exciting features to make the fight more fun.

What is PUBG No Recoil?

For players who do not know, the PUBG No Recoil file is a piece of code that boosts the overall gaming experience. As the name implies, it integrates the no-recoil function in the original game. Importantly, the file has not had many extra tricks and is only for no-recoil file users. If you want a mod with all unlocked functions, this file fails to provide any assistance in this regard.

Moreover, previous files used to work only on a handful of weapons. This latest file works on all kinds of guns available here. Furthermore, there is a specific way of integrating the file into the original game, ensuring to learn the right way to install it.

The player might be anxious to know whether or not the file is getable for free. Fortunately, the player needs no cash to integrate this piece of code into the game.


As stated earlier, it does not have plenty of features to facilitate players in more than one way. If you are only interested in no recoil function only, you will most definitely find it useful. With that said, this function is enough to help you survive and get a chicken dinner. The file will help you get the following

Features PUBG No Recoil File:

No Recoil – Now, players can shoot enemies with zero recoils. Certainly, it will help them aim better and eliminate more enemies quickly.
Anti-Lag – Rest assured that this file would not cause the original game to lag or result in a delayed response.
High Damage – With its primary function, users can inflict more damage on enemies.
Support – Thankfully, the latest edition of the app support all the guns available in the PUBG game.
No Password – Integrate it straight away in the game without going through registration or a lengthy signup process.

How to Download and Install PUBG No Recoil APK?

A user may feel overwhelmed when integrating this file into the original game. Unfortunately, the installation process is not the same as other apk apps.

Download: First off, download the PUBG zero recoil apk file from the link available here.
Extract: In the next step, the user has to extract the zip file using a zip extractor app. Generally, players use ZArchiver to extract the file.
Move the File: Now, copy and move the extracted file to android/obb/com.pubg.imobile/ folder.
Play: Open the PUBG game and you will find the no recoil function activated.


Hopefully, PUBG No Recoil 2023 file will ensure a smooth gameplay experience and easy wins. However, it is recommended to try it on a guest ID to protect your primary account